I'm a hairstylist working behind the chair in Phoenix, Arizona. On the weekends, I travel and teach haircutting to other hairstylists. I enjoy nerding-out on hair, I loooove puppies ...and I really really love food! Scroll down to get to know me more. :)


I tried to memorize as much haircuts as I could. My biggest fear was to have someone sit on my chair and ask me for a haircut I haven't memorized. I bought as many haircutting DVDs I could afford and attended as much local classes as I could. Memorizing was exhausting!


People would tell me how much they admired my passion for education. They were wrong. Fear drove me to education, not passion. 


Everything changed when I understood the theory of haircutting. I didn't have to memorize haircuts anymore. The fear was gone and was replaced with so much passion and eagerness to continually grow in my craft. I was able to serve my clients better by creating customized haircuts with their head shape, face shape, hair type and lifestyle in mind. 


These are the 3 words I have in mind when I think about you. I believe you have a purpose, that you are special and that there is no one else like you.

I believe that you are meant to make a difference in the world ...and that the most effective way you can do it is by courageously and boldly being YOU.

I believe in your dreams, passions, gifts ..and everything that makes you different. I'm not talking about the calculated, conservative, achievable, safe, grown-up and edited version of those. I'm talking about the pure, raw, child-like, impossible-sounding ones!

If it has anything to do with hair, my heart is to empower you by equipping you with the knowledge I have gained through my journey. 

If it isn't hair, that's great too! I encourage (I'm actually begging) you to pursue your dream asap. I hope that my journey in pursuing my dream inspires you. :)

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